The participation of international lecturers in joint training program at Foreign Trade University

Update thứ ba, 23/05/2017

In April 2017, Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College in Denmark continued sending lecturers to teach students of Bachelor of Science in Business administration – Finance joint program at Foreign Trade University. The students had the chance being exposed to advanced international educational methods.

Lecturer Susi Haugh taught the course “Strategic Marketing”

In Strategic Marketing, lecturer Susi Haugh prepared unique products from the United States, so that the students could analyze its purpose and usage value. Then the students were given the task to figure out if these products are suitable to consume in Vietnam market or not. The students worked in group using brainstorming method, and used their imagination as well as their creativity to come up with plans which aimed to vary the products until they fit in Vietnam market’s demand.

The students worked in group to come up with new ideas

In addition, lecturer Susi also gave out practical case studies about large firms including Apple, Converse, and EBay to the students. The students then worked in pairs using the knowledge and marketing tools that they learnt in class to analyze the case studies, research marketing method which each enterprise using and its effectiveness. In the end, the students had the opportunities to present their projects in front of the class and collect useful comments from other student groups.

Students presented projects in front of the class

In Real Estate Finance, students introduced the basic factors of finance in real estate field including introduction about mortgage assets from the perspective of investors of the capital market. Lecturer Jen Hansens delivered advanced financial knowledge in income assets analysis as well as investment analysis.

Lecturer Jens Hansens taught the course “Real Estate Finance”

Students practiced various exercise to apply expertise knowledge, then did a small progress quiz to summarize the lesson learnt. After the course, students improved their knowledge in finance and learnt how to apply their learning into actual estate market in the reality.

Students discussed exercises

The course Counseling Sales provided students the importance of relationship marketing in long-term business relationships and also how to handle the different steps of the counseling sales process. The students learnt how to retain customers with the right after sales treatment, and how to research and approach potential customers in the correct way.

Lecturer Max Johannisson taught the course “Counseling Sales”

Lecturer Max Johannisson encouraged students to come up with questions, discuss and work in group during the lessons to increase their confidence as well as their involvement in class.

Lecturer answered the students’ questions in class

The participation of international lecturers in delivering the program is the highlight of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Finance joint training program cooperated with Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College, Denmark. The students therefore had the opportunity to get exposed to international learning method, and to develop their proactivity and confidence.

Lecturer took picture with the students from joint training program

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