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“Making my achievements thank-you gifts to my parents and teachers - That’s my biggest motivation”

The first to come in the “Hall of fame” series of the Faculty of International Education is Nguyen Khanh Linh - student of F-UON-M-3A class, Marketing Management program - in coordination with the University of Northampton. Linh has had many great accomplishments, in both academics and social activities. 

  • Excellence Scholarship from Foreign Trade University for two consecutive years 2020-2021 & 2021-2022, and Excellence award from the University’s President.
  • Excellence award for students with outstanding achievements in scientific research.
  • Leader of the finalist team in the IBPC competition and leader of the PECC team in the Private Equity Case Competition
  • Founder of Food Town - finalist team in VSCS - Vietnam Social Challenger Sunny
  • ACCA Futurist Scholarship 2021
  • Had 2 research papers in the Journal of the Ministry of Information and Communications
  • Made 2 speeches at the National-level Scientific seminars on “Digitalization of journalism in Vietnam, and on “Shisha culture”
  • International volunteer at SK Group - Korea

Let’s follow us in a small interview with Khanh Linh, to see what has made her such a successful student.

What has been the motivation behind all your determination and efforts in your projects, especially to achieve the 1st prize of VSCS?

Actually, I have so many sources of motivation, the biggest of all is Making my achievements thank-you gifts to my parents and teachers.

In addition, at the initial stage of the Food Town project, each member of our group were having different concerns: one worked part-time at a restaurant and witnessed leftovers thrown away every day, and another once studied aboard in Korea and often consumed nearly expired food too. And more than that, the big restaurant chains all have the desire to contribute to society.

All of that has brought Food Town members together. Each of us has a different dream, and a different strength, but we share a desire and destination. It is "rescuing" food, contributing to the alleviation of environmental damage, and providing cheap meals for people.

Food Town awarded the 1st prize in VSCS

Activities by the Food Town team 

What are the challenges confronting you in the last journey?


Things were extremely difficult at first as none of us had a background in FnB. Not to mention lots of troubles that we ran into when meeting our partners, as all of us were quite young and immature, and most people had little faith in our selling project. However, with the encouragement of the teachers, our project has been in operation for the past 6 months. Particularly, we spent up to 3 months volunteering at volunteer restaurants, participating in training sessions to constantly improve our knowledge and use that as the foundation to build the Food Town project.

And for me, that's the best thing about working with the Food Town project - I have the opportunity to see whether I have tried my best and reached my limit. And I often wonder what else I can do to keep advancing.

How did you manage to perform well in both academic and extra-curricular work?

It’s never been easy to strike a balance between academic and social activities. I always try to arrange my timetable in a most efficient and scientific way, though at times I felt overwhelmed by too huge a workload. It was at these difficult times that I understood and appreciated my teammates’ invaluable support and company.

What role has the Faculty of International Education played in your path to these achievements?

During the construction of the Food Town project, the teachers of the Faculty of International Studies always gave the group very useful advice and suggestions, laying the foundation for the future project. In addition, before each round, we will rehearse the presentation first and the teacher will give comments so that we can improve the content as well as the best way to answer the questions.

Surely in the future, Khanh Linh will achieve more success. With her hard work and creativity, Khanh Linh will shine her light more, and the Faculty of International Education will always be by your side in the way ahead.

The Food Town team and teachers of the Faculty of International Education


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