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As the co-organizer of the most awaited event in winter 2022 – Miracles in December, the Faculty of International Education is providing the most possible support for the final stages to create a memorable event for students of Foreign Trade University. And an inseparable part of this year's MID organization team is the students of the Faculty of International Education. Together with teachers, students are playing a really active role.

Let’s see how they feel about being a part of this year’s MID preparation!

1. Nguyen Huu Hai – Class F-UOB-12A (BSc in Business studies) and Thanh Huyen Trang – FUONM7B - (BA in Marketing Management)

Q: As one of the students of the Faculty of International Studies who supported the preparation for MID, how do you feel?

T: During the times when I started working, I felt like I was a member of the MID family, everyone worked together to prepare and do our best for the upcoming December Christmas season. Everyone is an important piece of a perfect picture that everyone has worked hard to prepare for.

Q: I feel very happy that the Faculty of International Education gave us the opportunity to participate in the preparation of MID. Together, we carry out steps such as making a list of things to prepare, measuring the actual size, and assessing the price of materials to decorate by ourselves. I have to admit that there were a lot of difficulties and we had to change the plan many times to suit the actual situation but nonetheless, we managed to do a little something for this year's MID. Taking this opportunity, I have also accumulated a lot of knowledge as well as experience for myself. To summarize, the preparation for MID can be described with 3 words "EXHAUSTED BUT FUN"

2. Ngô Khánh Hưng – F-UON-M3A (BA in Marketing Management)

Q: MID is coming very close, have you prepared anything for MID?

Q: A year has passed so quickly, when Christmas's air gradually spreads around, "Miracles in December" is about to return. Unlike MID 2021 when we were suffering from many effects of the epidemic, MID 2022 is returning better than ever with activities such as camps, tournaments, and special performances from students of the Faculty. Let's follow MID fan page to always be the first to catch the latest updates of MID 2022.

3. Vũ Đức Anh – F-UOB-12A (BSc in Business Studies)

Q: How different the scale of this year's MID is compared to previous years? Are you looking forward to this year's MID?

A: I'm very excited to come to this year's MID because this event has a great investment and good preparation, really, I only have one word to comment on the "awesomeness" of MID this year. Now, it's very WORLD class (extremely majestic and classy). See you all on December 15!!!

4. Đỗ Hoàng Kim – F-UOB-13B (BSc in Business Studies)

Q: Do you have any message for Foreign Trade University students this winter?

K: In order to be ready to find your own King and Queen in the MID, besides preparing a perfect look, remember to finish the deadlines before joining us, so that you can enjoy the miracles to the fullest and be truly immersed in the magical melodies at FTU Land this December 15th.

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