The Danish Ambassador organised the 3rd Job Fair for students from Faculty of International Education, FTU

Update thứ ba, 12/04/2016

On April 5th 2016, the Danish Ambassador to Vietnam - Ms Charlotte Laursen opened the doors of her residence to host the 3rd job fair for the group of students graduating this summer with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Finance from Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College at the Foreign Trade University, Hanoi. The soon-to-be graduates are given the opportunity to personally meet selected Danish companies and some of their local partners looking for qualified job candidates with an international mind set.

The previous Job Fair brought students the chance to gain more experience and prepare knowledge before graduating. At the first Job Fair, Phan Duc Hiep (at that time, he was the second year student) was chosen for part-time position at Mascot International Vietnam with the payment of $400 per month.

This year, there are 42 students of the program to have a chance to join in the Job Fair 2016. The 5 big Danish companies in Vietnam, including: Danmon Asia Ltd., Esoftflow Ltd., Mascot International Vietnam, VMG Group and Novo Nordisk Pharma Operation A/S had participated in this occasion. Through the interview, the companies highly appreciated the students's capabilities's, as the result,  4 students were selected to some interesting position. The final result will be annouced to students in 2 weeks later.

Below is some pictures of Job Fair 2016:

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