Innovation in Learning and Creativity with the Flipped Classroom Model

Update thứ ba, 04/06/2024

During the past years, the Faculty of International Training at Foreign Trade University has continuously explored and applied advanced teaching methods and the latest technology. The main goal of this method is to simultaneously promote self-study ability, improve teaching quality and cultivate practical skills for students. The flipped classroom model is one of the outstanding efforts to put students at the center of the training process.

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At the Faculty of International Education, the flipped classroom model creates a harmonious combination between students' active self-study and teaching methods through multidimensional interaction between lecturers and students. Students not only come to class to listen to lectures but are encouraged to improve their knowledge before class by reading documents, watching videos, working in groups and participating in online discussions with lecturers. This proactive approach not only helps students proactively expand their knowledge but also optimize class time for in-depth discussions, thereby developing critical thinking and working ability. Independence - two important factors in the modern work environment.

This model also opens up opportunities for students to apply theory into practice, turning knowledge into creative products, thereby improving the ability to apply knowledge and skills to life and work. Lecturers play the role of instructors, stimulating students' curiosity, creativity and self-study ability, supporting them to develop comprehensively.

Practical application at FTU's Faculty of International Education

The flipped classroom model has been successfully implemented in the Advertising and Luxury Brand Management subjects of the joint Marketing training program between Foreign Trade University and the University of Northampton (UK). A typical example is in the lesson "Storytelling in Luxury Brand Management", where students of class M3B used the drama method to both convey the theory of "Storytelling" along with demonstrating real-life illustrative lessons. Before going to class, students work in groups to discuss theoretical content, choose presentation formats, and discuss with instructors. Through the play, theories are explained simply, and the details in the play make the topic of discussion lively and easy to understand. After the play ends, the lecturer summarizes, discusses in depth and systematizes the theoretical issues that appear in the play's details as well as encourages students to discuss to deepen the real-life mappings. The flexible and diverse use of presentation methods not only deepens understanding and theoretical knowledge but also enhances students' critical thinking, creativity and confidence.

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