Update thứ hai, 26/02/2024

At the lecture hall, Associate Professor, Dr. Dao Ngoc Tien - Vice President represented and sent wishes to lecturers, students and families on the occasion of the new year Dragon 2024. The lecturers expressed their respect and praised the efforts both staff and students of the Faculty of International Education in the past year with many changes and developments and wished them a new year full of health and enthusiasm in their studies, researches and play.

The students expressed their joy and thanked the teachers for being close and encouraging to all students on the first day back to study after the Tet holiday. They promised to always promote and uphold the spirit of Foreign Trade University, trying to achieve more achievements and better results in all aspects. They shared that they were very proud because FTU had many student activities and wanted more and more activities to connect students and wished FTU would improve physical facilities, sports, etc. to support student activities.

Understand that, Associate Professor, Dr. Dao Ngoc Tien shared that no matter what major we study, Undergraduate or Graduate, the spirit of connection is always tight "Foreign trade is Home, and we are a family". Assoc. Prof. Tien also revealed a "lucky note", although 2023 has had many changes in facilities, FTU will have many more "renovated" areas in the near future such as the canteen, gym,...

Once again, welcome back to the FTU home and wish you a new school year full of joy and excitement!

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